Why Do You Fly RC Planes?

I have been thinking: why do I fly RC planes? Well, I decided to tell you!

1. It can be relaxing
2. It can be exciting
3. It is nearly always fun
4. It’s something to do
5. It gets you outside and off of the couch

Now, it’s your turn! List your top five reasons why you enjoy flying RC planes in the comments.


What To Post About

A few days ago, I thought: I have NOTHING to post about on Sunday!

Or on any other day.

That’s where you come in. That’s where this post comes in.

What planes do you want me to review in the future? What news do you want me to start/stop covering? Do you was me to post stories about my RC plane flying? What how-to’s do you want me to write? What about my opinions?

Please answer these questions in the comments. Even just one is PERFECTLY okay with me!

This feedback can make umFlight better and more community oriented.

Thank you for reading!

Sicknesses and Wind Free Days

If you are anything like me, it seems like the best (windless) days to fly are the days you can’t fly!

I’ve been sick for the past couple days and there has been ZERO wind. For the past two weeks, it has been 15+ mph winds in my area! It is aggravating, but, on a positive note, is giving me time to plot more plane purchases, more posts, and time to wait to fly my RC planes again!

Have you ever had an aggravating  moment like this? Make a comment about it below!