My name is John, and I enjoy flying and building ultra micro RC planes and multirotors (commonly and incorrectly referred to as ‘drones’). I also write about FPV (first person view), which is truly a great way to experience flight.

I started this blog to share news, reviews, builds, how to’s, my opinions about the hobby, and some personal RC stories.

While I make sure that a new post is published on Sundays at 5:00 AM EST, I sometimes post on random weekdays. So, check back often or follow umFlight!

Thanks for visiting!

You can see me on:

RCGroups: John234
HeliFreak: John234
FliteTest: John234

How big are the UM aircraft on umFlight?

Planes: The umFlight wingspan of a UM RC plane is under roughly 25 inches (wingspan).

Quadcopters: While the “normal” size of a UM quadcopter is under roughly 200-180 mm, the definition has been stretched on umFlight. I cover quadcopters up to 250 mm as exclusively UM aircraft are featured on umFlight.