Demise of the Sport Cub S

My new Sport Cub S just bit the dust.

10 minutes ago, I was flying it with floats over the water behind my house. I had just mechanically trimmed in a little down elevator on the SC S, and it was going a little down. So, I landed it on the water.

I clicked in a little up trim on my DX6i, and I tried to takeoff again. The left wing tipped a little into the water. The left aileron servo might have gotten wet. Because it was on the other end of the water, I had no choice but to attempt another takeoff.

It started to accelerate, but, no matter what I did, it would not leave the water’s surface. It then started to go around in circles. I slowed it down, stopped, and tried again.

Same result.

The SC S eventually got turned upside down. As I write this, it is still in the water, face down. I just looked out of the window, and I can’t see it.

BUT… All hope is NOT lost! I just ordered another one with Amazon Prime shipping! It is RTF, but the BNF didn’t have Prime shipping. And I needed a replacement NOW.

I don’t think that this one will make it (the water is brackish). But, it just might make it back. I will then have to call it the Phantom Cub.

Please note that this will NOT affect the review for the SC S that is scheduled to be posted this Sunday.

Stay tuned to umFlight. I’m planning some exciting things, and I just have to wait until their are a few more visitors and comments to reveal the exciting things. Thank you to all current visitors for being here.

Comment and share, please!


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