My Official Start in RC

Today I thought that I should post about how I got started in RC things.

Chapter 1:

The above picture shows some of my broken helis.

In June of 2012, I received a Helo TC Assault helicopter as a gift. But, the next day, it got dog hair tangled in the shaft and it never flew again. So, I decided to go to Brookstone and buy one of their coaxial helis. I bought two.

Within a month or two, these broke. I think I bought about 20 of them from June 2012 until Spring 2013. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

In fall of 2012, I bought a Revell Proto Max. It crashed during the third battery and never flew again. I got frustrated and moved back to the Brookstone helis.

Finally, in Spring 2013, I was flying a brand new Brookstone coaxial heli and it just fell out of the sky.

Chapter 2:

So, I bought a Blade CX2. I wanted to get a mCX2, but I was able to get the CX2 faster. The CX2, though, had overheating issues. I could only fly it for 0:30 until the twin motors overheated and the helicopter fell out of the sky.

This inspired me to get the Blade mSR. It was a great RC heli until I made the mistake of flying it when I was angry. I flew it, very quickly, into a wall and the motor plug came loose and fell out.

I then got the Blade Nano QX BNF (I used the radio that came with the mSR). That broke after a few months, so I bought a mCPX v2 RTF. I couldn’t fly that one that well.

I bought my second Nano QX BNF. All of chapter two, except for the Christmas part, happened from June 2013 to October 2013.

For Christmas, I got the new (at the time) Blade 180 QX, the Walkera Ladybird FPV, and the world’s smallest coaxial helicopter.

Chapter 3:

In February of 2014, I decided to try RC planes. I bought a Hobbyzone Duet RTF and I really liked it.

In May 2014, I finally bought a DX6i, a programmable transmitter. It improved my flying experience a lot! I then bought the Hobbyzone Champ, which is still one of my favorite planes.

In June, I received a Parkzone Night Vapor, which I will review soon, and a Blade 200 QX.

I have bought an E-Flite UMX Radian, which was another one of my favorite planes, but it sadly got lost in a tree. I also have gotten 2 more Champs (I only meant to get one) due to my original Champ getting crushed by a suitcase. The most recent thing that I purchased was a UM T-28.

I have a Hobbyzone Sport Cub S BNF on preorder. It has now arrived as I mentioned in my last post. A review will be posted within a week or two.

Please forgive me for not getting it posted at 5:00 AM (it’s 8:30 now); I completely forgot to schedule the post, and I just woke up!

Well, that’s my RC story. Post a comment to discuss the post or tell me any RC story that you have!


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